Our Company History


The Fish and Pappas families have a long and humble history in the tomato industry. Fish Farms began as a mule and plow one-man tomato growing operation. Pete Pappas & Sons Inc. began as one Pappas family man selling produce from a cart. These humble beginnings blossomed into two booming businesses with a focus on family, quality and integrity. 


In 1980, Jack Fish began growing tomatoes in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains with his sons Walter, Larry, and Jimmy on 5 acres of East Tennessee's finest soil. With a strong vision, steady perseverance, and smart business decisions, Fish Farms grew into a 1,300 acre enterprise providing the highest quality, USDA Certified  Round and Roma tomatoes to consumers all across our great country.


The Pappas family's roots in the tomato industry date back to the 1940s at the beginning of what we now call Pete Pappas & Sons Inc. What began as pushcart produce operation, became a tomato repackaging business in the '40s, and has grown into one of the East Coast's finest whole produce distributors now run by the founder's grandson Pete Pappas, his sons Gus and Aris and his cousin Paul. 


Today, SMFF is led by Larry Fish's daughter Christine, his brothers Walter and Jimmy and the Pappas family, Pete, Gus, Aris and Paul. We all take great pride in providing your family with only the best and freshest tomatoes!