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East Tennessee is well known for it’s quality tomatoes, and Smoky Mountain Family Farms continues that legacy through the Pappas family. Over 75 years of excellence in the industry, allow us to exceed the expectations of our customers through our full-service farming operations. One of our goals is to harvest some of the best quality tomatoes grown in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of the Southeastern United States, and SMFF delivers. 


Across generations our business has always emphasized family, quality, integrity and service. Through these principles, at SMFF we are pioneers of sustainable growing practices and organic farming. For our family, what we eat matters and how it’s grown matters just as much. These are two reasons why sustainability and expanding our organic program mean so much to us. We will always continue to uphold, and exceed, the standards set generations ago through our farm.


The Pappas family's roots in the tomato industry date back to the 1940s at the beginning of what we now call Pete Pappas & Sons Inc. What began as pushcart produce operation, became a tomato repackaging business in the '40s, and has grown into one of the East Coast's finest fresh produce distributors now run by the founder's grandson Pete Pappas, his sons Gus and Aris and their cousin Paul. 



We look forward to all of the opportunities for growth and advancement that each new season brings us!


We pride ourselves in providing premium conventional round, roma, grape, cherry, and vine ripened tomatoes and USDA certified organic tomatoes from the rich mountain soil of Tennessee.

Shots from the farm